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Glen Alta LAs best

 The LA’s BEST Program offers a variety of learning, socialization, self-esteem building, and recreational activities that stimulate young children’s interest and participation. Enrolling your child in this program will allow your child to explore in a   positive environment. Program activities include but are not limited to:


Arts & Crafts

Dance/Drill Team

Field Trips

Homework Assistance

School Day alignment

Community Agreements                           

Recreational Games 

Seasonal Sports Competition

Science Club                  

Theater & Visual Arts

Monthly Events



El programa de LA's BEST ofrece una variedad de aprendizaje, socialización, edificación de auto estima y otras actividades recreacionales para estimular el interés y la participación de su hijo/a. Inscribiendo a su hijo/a en este programa le ayudara a explorar un ambiente positivo. Las actividades incluyen pero no son limitados a:


Asistencia con la tarea

Artes Manuales

Club de Ciencia

Juegos Recreacionales

Danza/Drill Team


Paseo Recreacionales

Teatro y Artes Visuale

Eventos cada mes

Aliniar reglas con las de la escuela

Leer libros 

Information and qualifications /process to enroll students in the program



(Los Angeles Better Educated Students of Tomorrow)

After School Enrichment Program

LA's Best

Office number: (323)276-6885


The mission of LA’s BEST is to provide a safe and supervised after school education, enrichment and recreation program for school children ages 5 to 12 in the City of Los Angeles.



  • Must be between the ages of 5-12 years of Age.
  • Must be in either grades K-6th grade.
  • Must attend Glen Alta Span School to attend LAs BEST at Glen Alta Span School.
  • Must be able to attend LAs BEST Monday through Friday from after school bell dismissal time to 6pm, end of program time.

Enrollment Process/Steps:

  • Parent or Guardian of student must speak to LAs BEST After School Program site coordinator.
  • Parent or Guardian must fill out registration Form to enroll student.
  • Parent or Guardian must attend a mandatory parent agreement meeting or individually meet with site coordinator and sign form.
  • Once registration form has been turned in, signed and parent has attended mandatory parent agreement meeting, enrollment will take about 2-3 business days for student to start their first day in the program.