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2nd Grade

Jessica Hernandez



BA in Sociology and Chicano Studies- UC Santa Barbara

MA in Education and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential- Pepperdine University

M.Ed in Educational Administration and Administrative Credential- UCLA


Before coming to Glen Alta Span I spent six years teaching at Hobart Blvd. Elementary School. While there I taught 1st, 2nd, and 5th grade.

I have been at Glen Alta Span School for nine years. While here, I have taught 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th grade. What I enjoy most about working at Glen Alta is the small school setting. Being at a small school helps us as teachers really get to know our students and the way they learn. With such a small group of teachers we are able to work together often and easily communicate with each other. Teachers are able to easily pass on information such as learning styles or successful strategies to each other, which helps students even when they are no longer in our classroom.

In my classroom I expect students to come ready to learn and ready to try their best. The will be challenged and will need to be critical thinkers. Students should be ready to work both by themselves and in collaborative groups and be prepared to share their thoughts and ideas with others, as well as listen to and respect those of their classmates.

I would encourage teachers to enroll their children at Glen Alta because it is a small school with a great staff. Teachers at this school work hard and really want their students to be successful. The small student body allows staff to get to know many of the students and their families, not just the ones in our class which really helps for the overall success of students.