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7th & 8th Math and Science

Frank Leyva



Subjects: 7th and 8th Grade Science and Math

Bachelor of Science Cal State Los Angeles

Product of LAUSD: Trinity Street Elem., Adams Middle School, Thomas Jefferson High

National Board Certification in English Language Arts

Gifted and Talented Program Coordinator


My passion for teaching began as a paraprofessional at my childhood elementary school. I worked there while I worked on my college degree. My dedication to the students allowed for the opportunity to transition from a paraprofessional to teacher. I worked there for a period of 13 years teaching 4th and 5th grade gifted and talented clusters. The lack of seniority got me displaced and led my life to Lincoln Heights.

Working at Glen Alta has been an amazing life experience. I have meet such wonderful people ranging from fellow teachers, staff, parents, and students. Teachers work collaboratively to make sure the students have the tools necessary to become successful and productive members of society. Our goal and mission is to lead every child to seek a higher education and a rewarding career.

From my students I expect dedication, desire, and effort. Even though they are part of a small school, they are provided with the necessary tools that they need to learn. We take part in cooperative group activities, rigorous tasks, projects, Socratic seminars, and presentations. Students learn how to take mathematics and apply it to real-world situations. Struggling students have support from every member of the staff. They are provided with individual help and small group intervention. Our small student population allows for more individualized attention and support. Student and teacher interactions occur more frequently than in a bigger school setting. This is what makes our school great!