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Glen Alta Brochure


Glen Alta has a friendly, respectful atmosphere, embracing diverse cultures, where parents, students and staff work together in a united, cooperative, positive manner to encourage the success and growth of our students, while promoting their individuality. 


At Glen Alta we envision a stimulating environment where students feel important and helpful, where colleagues set high goals, build school wide grade to grade transitions with upgraded materials and there is communication among all stakeholders working toward students' success.


It is our belief that to achieve student success, students deserve an academically rich, technology current, safe, well-ordered, creative environment that reflects students' cooperation and pride in themselves, their school and their community.

Visitors and Volunteers

To ask any questions regarding volunteering or visiting the school, please call the Main Office (323) 223- 1195. Or visit the Main Office personally between 7:00am - 4:00pm


Si tiene alguna pregunta acerca de trabajo como voluntario o acerca de visitar la escuela, por favor llame a la oficina principal al (323) 223- 1195. Tambien puede visitar la oficina principal entre las 7:00am- 4:00pm