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Teacher's Assistants & Campus Aides

Ms. Navarro

Teacher Assistant/Campus Aide


Ms. Navarro has an Associate's Degree in Liberal Studies from Santa Monica College. A Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies from Cal State LA. She is currently working on getting her Teaching Credentials at Cal State LA. Her goal is to eventually become an elementary school teacher. She has been working at Glen Alta for about 3 years. She likes working here because it is a small school and there is a tight knit community here. She feels that it is a good school because there is a chance to get to know the students better. Knowing most of the students on a first name basis makes it easier to serve their needs so that they can be successful. 

Ms. Monica

Teacher Assistant


Ms. Monica has been working at Glen Alta since April, 2006 as a Teacher's Assistant. She has taken child development courses at Pasadena City College. She is currently attending East Los Angeles College and is working towards a higher education. Her goal is to become a nurse or a teacher. She enjoys working with children and loves working at Glen Alta because it is a small community and it feels like a home. 

Ms. Cindy

Teacher Assistant


Ms.Cindy majored in Child Development at LATTC. She has been working at Glen Alta Span School for over 10 years. Glen Alta is a community within a community where teachers, staff and students form long lasting relationships with one another. With our small class size, teachers are able to provide students with individual academic support. Her goal is to not only help students academically, but also teach them self worth. 

Teacher Assistant


Ms. Marissa recently joined the Glen Alta staff in September of 2017. She is completing her prerequisite classes at East Los Angeles college and Los Angeles Trade Tech.  Her hope is to transfer to a four year university in the next coming year to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. She enjoys working at Glen Alta because it is a small community where children have the opportunity to learn in a smaller class size. In addition, as a teaching assistant she has gotten the opportunity to work with children of all ages and learns something new everyday.  She hopes to encourage children to reach for their goal and never give up.

Ms. Silva

Campus Aide


Ms. Silva has been working for LAUSD for over 20 years. She has worked as a teacher's assistant, a student integration aide and is currently a campus aide at Glen Alta. She is proud to be a part of the Glen Alta staff. Her primary goal is to ensure that our students feel safe and welcomed in our campus.

Ms. Lynda

Supervision Aide


Ms. Lynda is a Glen Alta Alumni and is class of 1980. Even after culminating, she was still part of this school. Prior to being employed here, her three daughters attended Glen Alta and she was a parent volunteer and part of the P.T.S.A. She has so many childhood memories that will forever live with her, as well as her daughters' memories. Glen Alta is her home away from home. She loves working here because the Glen Alta staff is more like a family. We see each child that comes through our doors like our own child because it is a small loving atmosphere. Glen Alta is the place to be for the best education. Eagles soar! Once an eagle always an eagle!