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6th Grade

Dear Parents,


I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Cody Duong. I am a new teacher at Glen Alta.


I just moved to Glen Alta, from a large school down town Los Angeles. There I taught fifth grade. This is my eighteenth year as an educator and I have to admit I am as excited as I was my first year.


I earned my degree in Education with an emphasis in multiple subjects. Since then, in addition to my day job with the kids, I've been a coach for young students in my school. I love teaching and am constantly looking for new ways to challenge the students. I have so many ideas for this year at Glen Alta, I really can't wait for this year to begin. I just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and share with you my expectations as well as my excitement for this upcoming school year.


Please know that I understand the importance of preparing our students for the rigors of college. It is my goal to provide engaging instruction that challenges critical thinking skills, fosters intelligent discussion, and develops logical thinking skills for every student, college bound.


I have very high expectations and standards that I will express clearly to each student, and I am absolutely committed to providing my students with the best education of their lives. I also believe that communication with parents is crucial to a successful year, and that honest communication can head off issues before they develop. Know that I am here with an open mind and a willingness to listen to any concerns that might arise throughout the year. If you don't understand a grade that was given, or an expectation stated, call or email me, I'd be happy to talk with you . Below is my school email address, as well as the school number.


My curriculum has a heavy emphasis on developing logical discussion in all areas. Thoughtful discussion will be graded in my class, and the various forms of essay will be perfected. I expect my students to be on time, and to be prepared for the day's activities and discussions. Please communicate with me your thoughts,questions and concerns. I am in your child's life every day; it's my goal to make a powerful and positive impact, so let's work together to make that happen. I can promise you the best of myself for your son or daughter, each and every day. I look forward to meeting you at parent/teacher conferences.




Cody Duong.


School phone: 323-223-1195